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Aeterna Health Services Participated in the Seminar Event called “Engaging For Impact In Cancer Conference 2022”

Aeterna Health was recently invited to attend the Engaging For Impact In Cancer Conference 2022, sponsored by RMIT University. Gathering with leading academics and industry to share their innovative research findings in cancer, as well as learned from and be inspired by some of the world's most renowned cancer experts.

"Engaging For Impact In Cancer" is a multidisciplinary industry engagement and international conference in 2022. The conference aims to showcase best practices in innovation and engagement in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and other technical, digital, commercial, and biomedical innovations to help prevent, diagnose, treat and support people with cancer. RMIT is making a significant impact on important issues through its Enabling Capability Platforms, which enable RMIT to rapidly bring together interdisciplinary research teams with external partners from industry, government, community, or academia to address complex problems in high-priority research areas.

Aeterna Health is honored to be a special guest at this conference. Aeterna health has been working in the field of "immunotherapy" for a long time and has collaborated with several Australian universities to conduct relevant clinical trials, and is very honored and able to share the latest results with medical colleagues around the world through the "Engaging For Impact In Cancer Conference 2022".

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