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Aeterna Health's Immune Cell (iCell) Application is an innovative therapeutic approach designed to enhance the immune system's ability to fight diseases, particularly as an adjunctive therapy for cancer. This advanced therapy leverages cutting-edge cell technology to provide effective, safe, and personalized treatments.

Purpose and Benefits

  • Enhanced Immune Function: iCell therapy aims to significantly boost the patient's immune system, improving its ability to detect and destroy cancer cells and other pathogens.
  • Adjunctive Cancer Treatment: It is especially beneficial for patients with various types of cancer, providing an additional defense mechanism alongside traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Chronic Disease Management: iCell therapy is also used to treat autoimmune diseases and other conditions resulting from a weakened immune system.

Technology and Methodology

  • High Cell Activity: iCells are maintained at high activity levels through an automated system with intelligent monitoring, ensuring their effectiveness.
  • Quality and Safety: The cells are processed and stored in compliance with stringent quality standards, including the Australian TGA quality standards, guaranteeing clinical-grade quality and safety.
  • Advanced Storage: iCells are stored in a fully automated, -196°C liquid nitrogen system, providing long-term preservation and viability.

Clinical Applications

  • Immune Enhancement: The therapy boosts the overall immune response, helping the body to better fight infections and diseases.
  • Antitumor Capacity: iCell therapy enhances the body's natural ability to target and destroy cancer cells, making it a potent adjunct to conventional cancer therapies.

Research and Development

  • Extensive Clinical Trials: Aeterna Health has conducted extensive clinical trials over the past several years, accumulating a wealth of clinical data that supports the efficacy and safety of iCell therapy​.
  • Leading Research: The research is conducted in collaboration with prestigious institutions like La Trobe University and Hudson Institute of Medical Research, ensuring the highest standards of scientific rigor.

Unique Aspects of iCell Technology

  • CAPRI Cells Integration: iCell technology is an advancement over CAPRI (Cascade-Primed Immune) cells, showing more potent anti-cancer phenotypes and elevated levels of key immune cells and cytokines.
  • Rapid Manufacturing: iCells can be prepared within two weeks after blood sample isolation, making the process quick and efficient compared to traditional methods​​.
  • Versatility: iCells are suitable for various cancers, infections, and for boosting overall immunity, making them a versatile therapeutic option​​.

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