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Aeterna Health

Invest in your health now for a better tomorrow.

Aeterna Health is a preventative medicine and anti-aging clinic based in Melbourne. We work in collaboration with Victoria’s major health providers and research institutes to translate scientific discoveries into clinical practice.


Our innovative treatments and technologies have been developed and nurtured by world-class experts in the field, built on the platforms of top universities, hospitals and research institutes in Germany, Australia, China and the United States.


We offer medical assessments and specialised consultations, as well as medical stays, aimed at maintaining your state of health and preserving your youth capital.


Our Mission

Aeterna Health provides a comprehensive and medically founded response so that you may age in good health and preserve your quality of life.


Our Vision

We believe in the importance of having a well-rounded and holistic approach to health. Aeterna Health was founded with this goal in mind and offers a variety of health services for the betterment of one’s well being.


Our Services

Aeterna Health assists individuals in preventing, counteracting or delaying the effects of aging, thereby meeting their personal goals, as well as providing comprehensive health management solutions for patients with chronic health conditions and unmet medical needs.


Innovative products and programs are continually being developed at Aeterna Health. We currently offer the following services:


  • Comprehensive Anti-Aging Support Program
  • Medical Check-ups and Specialised Evaluations
  • Better-Aging Programs
  • Chronic Pain Procedures
  • Natural Cosmetic Treatments

Our Collaborators

Our expertise lies in cultivating a concerted team that integrates the talents, technologies and professionalism of our partners. We are committed to creating benchmark services for anti-aging clinical applications in Australia.