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Aeterna Health

Aeterna Health, based in Melbourne, specializes in developing and commercializing advanced regenerative medicine technologies. Founded in 2017, we focus on stem cell application (svCell) and immune cell application (iCell).

Our svCell technology leads in cell therapy, offering innovative disease treatment and recovery approaches. Notably, our svCell osteoarthritis therapy is being implemented at St Vincent's Hospital Werribee, showcasing our clinical advancements. Our iCell technology provides a groundbreaking solution for immune cell storage, ensuring the preservation of critical cells for future use.

In addition to our work in cell therapy, our cellular biology laboratory at La Trobe University leads our cellular clinical research. This collaboration offers a unique platform to develop new therapies for various diseases.

Aeterna Health adopts a comprehensive approach to preventive health, using advanced technology and expertise in physical examinations and Health Check services. Our HealthScreen program offers high-precision cancer screening with micron-level MRI, a rare and advanced service in Australia.

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Our Services

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Immune Boost & Supportive Care

Advancements in cell technology enable cell banking, offering new approaches for serious illnesses and enhancing immune strength.

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Innovative Osteoarthritis Treatment

Our regenerative cell therapy uses autologous, minimally invasive treatments to improve joint health, delay surgery, and alleviate chronic pain.

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Skin Rejuvenation & Age-Defying

Our natural cell therapy enhances skin and appearance using non-invasive techniques to stimulate collagen and elastin.

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Management for Hypertension, Cholesterol, & Blood Sugar

Our tailored program uses svCell infusions to control hypertension, cholesterol, and blood sugar, providing comprehensive management.

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Urinary & Reproductive Health Rejuvenation

Our program rejuvenates urinary and reproductive health with svCell injections, and includes IVF and ovarian tissue freezing services.

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Customized Health Screening Services

We offer advanced physical and medical exams, plus cancer screenings in Australia, focusing on early detection with diagnostics.

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Individualized Patient Care

Our practitioners provide personalized health reviews and customized management plans, ensuring optimal care for every patient.

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Turning Research into Benefits

We leverage innovative research and technology to develop improved diagnostics and treatments, enhancing patient outcomes.

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Leading Expertise and Partnerships

We collaborate with top Australian research institutions to provide the latest advancements and highest standards of care.

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