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Aeterna Health

Aeterna Health is a Melbourne-based company that specializes in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge regenerative medicine technologies. Our focus is on two primary areas: stem cell application (svCell) and immune cell storage (iCell).

Our svCell technology is at the forefront of cell therapy, offering novel approaches to disease treatment and recovery. Our iCell technology is a cutting-edge solution for immune cell storage, enabling the preservation of critical cells for future use.

In addition to our work in cell therapy, we are also engaged in cellular clinical research and systemic health management, with our research platform providing a unique opportunity to investigate and develop new therapies for a variety of diseases.

Aeterna Health also provides a comprehensive approach to preventive health, leveraging advanced technology and specialised expertise in its physical examination and Health Check

In-Depth Skincare treatment

Our Services

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Cell banking

The advancement of cell harvesting and preservation technology has enabled the feasibility of cell banking, offering a revolutionary approach to address serious illnesses that lack effective
treatment options.

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Comprehensive Health Check

We offer a cutting-edge physical examination, medical exam and cancer screening program, utilizing advanced technology in Australia. The focus is on the early detection and prevention of cancer through comprehensive health check, with accurate results made possible by state-of-theart diagnostic equipment.

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Cell Therapy Technology


Advanced Osteoarthritis

Regenerative cell therapy technology focuses on using autologous, minimally invasive treatments which may improve joint health, delay or avoid joint replacement surgery, and alleviate chronic
pain for a better quality of life

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Skin Rejuvenation

Natural cosmetic cell therapy technology may improve skin health and appearance with noninvasive, natural techniques that stimulate collagen and elastin production.

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Hair Regrowth

Hair restoration cell therapy technology is a comprehensive approach that utilizes both traditional and innovative methods which may promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. This approach is designed to be minimally invasive, with little to no side effects.

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Individualised Patient Care

Practitioners involved with Aeterna Health are skilled in diagnosing and treating medical issues using a range of technologies and pathologies. Personalised health reviews and customised health management plans ensure optimum patient care.

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Translating Research Into Tangible Benefits

Our innovation and healthcare capabilities are supported by strong evidence drawn from expertise across our network of research partners.Through the use of new technologies and prevention strategies we are committed to develop improved diagnoses and treatments for better patient outcomes.

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Quality Care

Practitioners involved with Aeterna Health provide safe, high-quality care and ongoing monitoring to meet the expectations of our patients.

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