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  • Located in the most liveable city in world Melbourne
  • Best Healthcare system in the world
  • Very High standard in Medical Practice

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  • Unforgettable journey with best-in-class care and wellness
  • Customised wellness package meets your needs and timelines
  • Comprehensive medical treatment bring you back to healthy life

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  • World-Class Oncology Surgeon
  • Highly professional and experienced Research and Clinic Team
  • Leading technology and facilities

SMA Therapy (PRP) Therapy

PRP is an autologous blood derivative – it is a component of blood from the same patient that it is used to treat. PRP is a safe and natural alternative to drugs and surgery.

Immunotherapy Trial

CAPRI cell therapy can be used in patients with any stage of cancer, and it has good short-term effects in patients with early, middle or advanced cancer.


The Telemedicine service at Aeterna Health in Australia facilitates two-way, real-time interaction between our experts and patients, families and other healthcare professionals around the world.


Australia’s clean air, stunning spas, world-class health retreats and wide open spaces all offer the opportunity to relax, refresh and reconnect.


Doctors in Aetherna Health will discuss treatment options with you and explain the benefits and risks involved. Following is an overview of some cancer treatments.

& Production

Aeterna Health is focus on research and production of anti-aging and Hormone health product.These products play a significant role in help people keep healthy from inside to outside.

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